Forget The Bargains

Let’s give this thing the old Matt Mav perspective on this trip, and Begin; in life, there are no easy bargains.  Encore records swallowed up my funds yesterday.  After raiding the surf/drag bin I walked out with Pin Ups by Bowie and a comp record of bands playing Louie, Louie including The Sonics, The Kingsmen (of course) and Black Flag (!).  So I’m out on a little bit o’ money.  No easy bargain indeed.  We got back in the van and found ourselves in Akron three hours later.  I was dissapointed by two ventures in this town; one, purchasing and drinking a sixer of 24 oz Genessee (which left me with next-to-no buzz) and two, eating at the Waffle House (not a bargain, to say the least)  Besides that, everything is hunky dory in the land of the Zips, where the Taco Bell is open late and the Gennessee flows like honey.  We’ll load up and head to Columbus next, Aufedersein, bitches.

p.s. would add pictures but apparently an upload feature didn’t come with my Fujifilm disposable camera.

-Matt Maverick


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