The Bug Jar lived up to it’s rep!

Rad venue. Friendly staff. Cheap drinks. Awesome PA system. Galaga arcade machine…

The music flowed perfectly tonight. High Heals kicked off with a slow building and vaguely rhythmic ambient noise set. Got a nice energy going through the room and we rode it straight into our performance. People seemed to really be into it. I was quite happy with how we played. This whole no drums thing continues to feel more and more natural every time.
After us, Pegacide. HOLY SHIT. Without a doubt one of the single greatest noise sets I’ve ever seen. Powerful, overwhelming and beautiful. A full dynamic sound that moved effortlessly between harmony and dissonance. If you ever find yrself with the opportunity to see them or any other Joel Dow related project, don’t miss it!

Giant thank you to Christopher Heath and The Bug Jar for hooking it up. Let’s do it again sometime, yes?

Getting up early tomorrow with hopes to check out some thrift stores and the Genesee Brewery. But first, sleep.



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