Forget The Times is a Free Improv Heavy Psych band from Kalamazoo, MI. The project formed in 2010 and began as a rotating collective centered around Sean Hartman. The band has since solidified around the core of Sean Hartman, Josh Miller and more recently Codi Mae.

FTT has been on eight tours, released six albums on Already Dead Tapes, Triangle & Rhino, Space Slave and 1980 Records. We play regularly in Kalamazoo and will continue to record and tour as schedules allow.


Folks that have played in the band include:

Sean Hartman – guitar / harmonica / didgeridoo / vocals
Josh Miller – guitar / effects
Codi Mae – drums
Benjamin WearWolf Myers – guitar / synth / vocals
Chris Kondrat – drums
Russ Wagner – tape manipulation / noise
Alex Quinlan – bass
Jarad Selner – drums / saxophones
Peter Cook – guitar / vocals
Matt Maverick – caveman drums
Henry Pacheco – drums
James Duke – guitar/drums/blues junior
Fiona Dickinson – cello / vocals / banjo
Leonard Duke – Trumpet
Sid Redlin – Saxophone / noise


Tunes and free downloads –

Label –


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  1. we misss you alreaaaadydyydydydy

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