Round the Horn!

Shit’s hectic between everyone working way too much, Sean having a family, and multiple bands for almost everyone, but we are leaving for a two week tour in a month. I just bought the van we’ll be taking today. We are making our way up to Minneapolis, through the UP, down to Athens, OH, and then to Waffle House. The lineup will be Josh, Mae, Sean, Russ, and possibly James on a few of the dates.

May 2 – Chicago, IL @ TBA w/ Comfort Food (need a venue and another local band!)
May 3 – Milwauke, WI @ The Freespace (cookout!) w/ Scowler and TBA
May 4 – Madison, WI @ TBA
May 5 – Minneapolis, MN @ TBA w/VATS
May 6 – Wausau, WI @ The Polack Inn (NEED LOCALS!)
May 7 – Houghton, MI @ TBA
May 8 – Marquette, MI @ The Loaf Haus
May 9 – Traverse City, MI @ TBA
(need help!)
May 10 – Flint, MI @ Sadie House
May 11 – Detroit, MI / Ann Arbor
(need help!)
May 12 – Athens, OH @ The Lodge
May 13 – Cleveland, OH @ TBA

Here’s the event:

Hope to see you out there!




The end

Well, aside from a couple of nights, tour was a lot of fun. 14 days, 11 shows, one hotel room, one night of cold camping, some good beer, good food, 15 record stores, and a couple hundred records.


Thanks to Danielle and the Yipsi kids, John, Olivia, the Dow family, Dylan, and everyone else that gave us a place to sleep and fed us, we couldn’t do it without people like you.




Edit: the waitress recognized me and Sean. Forget the Times is Waffle Haus famous.

It’s not about the dick, it’s about the fuck.

Well it’s been a couple days, here’s a rundown of what happened. Played a decent show in Ithica, ended up getting lied to and fucked over by the bar, no pay. Drove to Rochester and stayed with our buddy Joel and played a show in his bedroom last night, which was awesome! His mom even had us some cash to do lawn work for a couple hours, which covered gas for our Pittsburg show which fell through this morning. We are currently hanging with our buddy Dylan in Buffalo and heading to Cleveland for out last show tomorrow.




Shaggy Deep Cutz

Last night we played what was quite possibly the best show of tour. Mad props to Olivia for hooking it all the way up! It felt at home being in a dirty basement. Highlight of the night was watching the Woodstock 94 vhs, man the 90s were weird. 6 hours to Ithica today, en route.



This cant be real


Driving in tunnels

Eastcoast driving under the rivers, arcade time, played in Allston Mass. Last night. One of the other bands left without getting payed so Bill very awkwardly got us that money. We may come out ahead yet.